Monday, November 6, 2017

South Carolina's Artistic Cemetery

Above: Our Class at Magnolia Cemetery
Magnolia Cemetery
This past week we had the pleasure to visit Magnolia Cemetery, on the outskirts of Charleston, SC. Magnolia is one of the greatest examples of a Victorian Style cemetery in the country. My first impression of the cemetery was just how simply beautiful all the works of art on the gravestones.

One Lake at Magnolia
After walking through Magnolia, I came to the realization of how park-like the cemetery felt. With two ponds, a bridge across, and graves winding in and around trees made the cemetery feel warm and comforting.

Lieutenant Dixon's
While visiting the cemetery I was given the unique opportunity to look at the graves of the three crews from the H.L. Hunley. Of these graves, the grave of Lieutenant George E. Dixon was the most intriguing.

Dixon's unique story is that he was given a coin by his lover, and during battle he was shot, but the bullet hit his coin and he stayed alive. He then went on to captain the Hunley and went down with his submarine, and in his pocket they archaeologist found this priceless coin.

Andrew Simonds Grave
Another fascinating grave was that of Andrew Simonds, who died on November 26,
1905. Simonds grave was that of one of the amazing gravestones called a sarcophagus. The magnificent sarcophagus was set under a shelter, and is all white, almost like marble. On top of this massive sarcophagus was a intricate urn that simply tied the tomb

Smith Pyramid
Lastly, the massive William Burroughs Smith pyramid stood out to me. This pyramid stood above everything, and with its weathered and stained look made it shine above all. This pyramid could be seen from almost anywhere, and is a trademark symbol of this cemetery.

Picture of me in front of the Vanderhorst

Ultimately, I would have never imagined I would experience a cemetery quite like I experienced Magnolia. For the rest of my life, I will forever remember what I witnessed at this cemetery, and will continue to tell others about what I witnessed.

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